About Our Campaign

This campaign is a community driven initiative of Neighbourhood Forum 1 (NF1). Neighbourhood Forums are community groups run independently to Wollongong City Council (WCC) which meet to discuss local issues and work with council.

The NF1 formed a volunteer subcommittee to engage the broader community regarding the best possible outcome for the treasured Bald Hill Reserve.

The NF1's Mission is as follows:


  1. To best represent the collective vision for Bald Hill Reserve and to present the valuable data collected back to WCC. The group believes that when WCC works with community groups effectively the best outcomes will be achieved. 
  2. To gather information on the way people use the site, and to do so from as many residents and visitors as possible. Furthermore, to uncover the collective vision for the Bald Hill Reserve by representing to council the opinions of as many residents and visitors as possible.


  • To gather this information using low cost methods, relying on the group’s collective volunteer resources.  The group believes WCC’s decision to handle the engagement process is both costly and will not yield a proper representation of the collective vision for Bald Hill Reserve from the community. 
  • The methods being used are: A survey letter box dropped to all homes in the 2508 region, a website for all residents and visitors to visit should they require more information or to complete the survey online, an email address provided for residents and visitors to contact the group and finally the NF1 meetings where all interested parties are invited to attend and have input on the Bald Hill Reserve. 


  • A large number of residents and visitors must be represented – not a small sample.
  • To gather information and represent residents and visitors in a professional manner without bias or financial benefit.
  • To at all times respect participants privacy and personal information.

To provide your feedback go to: www.collaborativemap.org/baldhill

Alternatively, phone 1800 657 248 and speak to the Arup team or email: baldhillmasterplan@arup.com.au

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